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It’s not easy to understand how many issues a property might have from a report. We have put together these case studies to help show more interesting and surprising issues we have found during inspections.

Case Studies

We want you to see real issues we found at homes we inspected. Some of these issues are are unsafe, some are signs that repairs will be needed, and some are potentially dangerous and could lead to serious injury.

Dangerous Double Keyed Lock

Here is a double keyed lock. These are dangerous because in the case of an emergency they can not be opened if the key is not installed in the lock. It is recommended that it be changed to a lock with an interior handle/knob.

A outlet missing the cover

This photo shows an outlet missing the cover. This is a safety issue. It is possible to accidentally stick a finger in the side and shocking yourself. It is recommended all outlets have covers installed.

Improperly installed gutters.

This photo show improperly installed gutters. These gutters are installed to low.The way these are installed most of the water will run over the top of the gutter. The drip edge is above the gutter also allowing water to run down the fascia ( the board behind the gutter ). This can cause wood rot. It is recommended a licensed handyman evaluate and repair.

Roof damage from Palm Tree

This photo show the damage trees can cause to a roof. Even the delicate palm fronds can destroy shingles. It is recommended to keep all vegetation off the roof and house.

Old style metal sink trap

An older style metal sink trap. These have a tendency to rust from the inside out. They can perfectly fine one day and fall apart the next. It is recommended to have a licensed plumber replace these traps with PVC P-traps.

Plumbing vent installed wrong

A plumbing vent flashing that is not correctly installed. The top of the flashing should be installed under the shingles so water runs over the top. It is always recommended that a licensed roofer does all installs and repairs when it comes to roofs. This mistake can cause major damage to your home.